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Aspen Chambers Resort Association Press Relase

Aspen Chamber Resort Association launches online experience with’s Hypermedia Content Platform

First Mountain Destination to utilize this Web 2.0 Interactive Visual Experience

ASPEN, Colo. (August 10, 2006) – Now visitors can cruise downtown Aspen from their desktop. The Aspen Chamber Resort Association has launched the “next generation” visual experience through and their HyperMedia Content Platform. The HyperMedia Content Platform is an interactive visual network that, once created is used to author entirely new content for the web giving The Aspen Chamber Resort Association the ability to convey the true excitement of being in Aspen - walking through town, visiting the Maroon Bells, hanging out at Aspen Highlands and checking out Aspen’s most popular landmarks. Visitors to the Aspen Chamber’s website can navigate different areas of Aspen, focusing on their specific interests and orienting themselves before arriving in town. Aspen is the first mountain destination to use SuperTour’s HyperMedia Content Platform to showcase not just the city of Aspen, but the ski areas, hotels, local business and cultural attractions as well.

After a great deal of research on software developers offering this type of product, The Aspen Chamber Resort Association contracted with SuperTour®, who have the strongest visual experience and technology of competitive companies. The Aspen Chamber Resort Association recognized the potential in SuperTour’s HyperMedia as a unique way to engage online visitors and to provide more online tools to help them make better vacation decisions.

Consulting with our Visitor Centers and considering the top requested locations in town, we created a priority list of locations throughout town to feature on the SuperTour. The downtown business core, the campus of the Aspen Music Festival & School, the Maroon Bells, and the historic buildings in town were all determined to be highlights for the tour.

A two-part process began with SuperTour coming to Aspen to shoot the images, and then the majority of work is done in post-production with stitching all the images together to create the “SuperTour” for the visitor. The immediate objective was to create a SuperTour of Aspen highlighting all of priority locations with the ability to add featured lodging properties with a booking capacity in Phase 2 of the project.

Most visitors have no concept of how unique and special Aspen is until they’ve experienced it. Aspen is uniquely oriented in a southerly direction; therefore it is difficult to visualize the layout without reference. The SuperTour allows the website visitor to orient themselves, view key landmarks, historic buildings and attractions in town to better plan their vacation experience. The buildings of downtown Aspen date back to the 1890’s with very rich architecture and allow for a pedestrian- friendly experience. Aspen is a place you need to see to experience.

“This was a way to enhance the visitor experience, creating a method to explore town without actually being here,” said Lisa Weiss, director of sales and marketing for the Aspen Chamber."

“Aspen is one of the premiere mountain destinations in the world and we are excited to be able to work with them and help their online visitors truly experience this wonderful town”, said Jim Schoonmaker, President of SuperTour. “We look forward to creating phase 2 of the Aspen SuperTour and expanding our HyperMedia Content Platform to meet The Aspen Chamber Resort Associations growing needs”.

Aspen as a destination has a number of initiatives responding to this change in consumer behavior including Aspen Groups™, an online resource for meetings and large bookings; and Stay Aspen Snowmass’ late booking service, offering last-minute hotel deals online.

SuperTour’s HyperMedia Content Platform™ is bringing the online travel industry into the Web 2.0 content domain. The HyperMedia Content Platform is an interactive visual network that, once created, is used to author entirely new content for the web: User generated videos on demand, video enabled maps, immersive walkthroughs, and “in visual” contextual advertising are some of the ways that and its clients are leveraging the power of HyperMedia Content. HyperMedia increases buyer confidence and online conversion by providing travel consumers, meeting planners and travel agents a significantly more informative, engaging and memorable experience. HyperMedia's platform architecture and ease of scalability enable an unlimited amount of creative content to be created at a fraction of the cost of traditional media types contributing to higher performing ROI. - accelerating the transition to Web 2.0 with HyperMedia Content.

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