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    The Breakers, Palm Beach Press Release

    The Breakers Palm Beach partners with SuperTour to launch rich media, visual experiences of its world-renowned resort

    SuperTour, the premier provider of next generation rich media visual experiences for the Travel and Real Estate markets, today announced that The Breakers Palm Beach has launched “The Breakers Experience” utilizing its HyperMedia Content Platform designed to enable its clients to visually experience the legendary resort like never before.

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  • Aspen Chamber Resort Association Press Release

    Aspen Chamber Resort Association launches online experience with’s Hypermedia Content Platform

    ASPEN, Colo. (August 10, 2006) – Now visitors can cruise downtown Aspen from their desktop. The Aspen Chamber Resort Association has launched the “next generation” visual experience through and their HyperMedia Content Platform. The HyperMedia Content Platform is an interactive visual network that, once created is used to author entirely new content for the web giving The Aspen Chamber Resort Association the ability to convey the true excitement of being in Aspen - walking through town, visiting the Maroon Bells, hanging out at Aspen Highlands and checking out Aspen’s most popular landmarks.

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    "SuperTour provides consumers and hoteliers with the most useful and exciting visual content available on the web. SuperTour allows consumers to digitally walk around and interact with a property and its surroundings to make more accurate travel decisions, save time, and enjoy their vacations, while enabling hoteliers to increase visibility, book more rooms, and manage guest expectations better."

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  • "'s hard not to get a kick out of zipping up and down the beach in Miami or the Strip in Vegas."

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  • "...this company has a lot of potential in terms of creating innovative content for travelers. I like this idea of exploring for yourself your next holiday destination on a virtual tour."

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  • "...I love the audacity of Supertour, which takes booking a hotel to a new level"

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